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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been confused most your life about food and nutrition. What are we supposed to eat and why? One day coffee is good for you, another day it isn’t. Are foods high in cholesterol ok to eat? What’s the big deal about gluten?

You may also be run down, frustrated with feeling tired all the time, stressed all the time, all while trying to feed yourself and/or your family. You may not be feeling your best and you’re not quite sure why or what you can do about it. You may be on medications and wonder if there’s a better way to heal. There is! You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

Hi there, I’m Andrea

I have been interested in health and nutrition since high school, but it wasn’t until my son got diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer that my interest increased dramatically. I dove headfirst into the world of alternative medicine to help give my son what I believed to be the best chance of getting through treatments.  Changing my family’s diet, supplementing with vitamins and minerals, and incorporating holistic practices allowed me to see the healing power of nutrition first-hand – today my son is thriving and healthy!  


I also have a passion for embracing and teaching the concept of intuitive eating for those chronic and confused dieters, and for finding effective supplementation for those who need a little extra help for their body. I also enjoy learning about and teaching many aspects of healing including Ayervedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the benefits of essential oils, and teaching the Restart Program, a five week nutrition course.  In my free time I love to bike, travel, read, eat delicious food, and hang with my four kids. I look forward to meeting you and helping you find your best self through the amazing healing power of healthy food!

What I Offer

Private Consultations

During private consultations we will address your health concerns, history, assessment results, and goals. We will work together to design a personalized dietary and lifestyle protocol that moves you toward your goals. At follow up sessions, we will continue to update your personalized plan.

Group Classes

The RESTART® program is a 5-week group program that incorporates nutritional education, sugar and processed food elimination, and group support. The program focuses on how to use real food to boost your energy, reduce inflammation, and get rid of sugar and carb cravings.  Classes will be offered on an ongoing basis. Contact me for more information.

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