My Philosophy

Weston A Price, a dentist that lived during the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, had traveled the world trying to discover how the health of different people groups around the globe compared. What he discovered was that when a people group ate the traditional foods of their culture, they thrived. When they adapted the western diet heavier in sugars and industrialized foods, they became sick.  The work of Weston A Price has greatly influenced functional medicine and nutrition to this day.

Our bodies are not meant to eat food-like products that are filled with ingredients difficult for our bodies to recognize. Ingredients like preservatives, chemical additives, artificial flavorings and colors, genetically modified substances, hydrogenated oils that have been bleached and deodarized, and highly refined sugars and grains that wreak havok on our organs.

Our bodies thrive when fed food straight from our earth, prepared in traditional ways, and animals that have been respected and cared for.

It doesn’t end there.  While Western medicine is excellent at acute and emergency care, it is also often focused on merely finding band-aids to cover up symptoms that can be signals of underlying chronic health conditions.  My belief is that most underlying chronic health conditions are a result of a few things: an underfunctioning digestive system, imbalanced blood sugar regulation, and/or undernourished and overtoxic bodies.  Adopting a Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, I also believe sickness can be a result of imbalances of yin and yang, opposing yet equally important forces of nature that keep us healthy and well.

My Pillars for Health

Digestive Health

In order for our cells to receive the proper nutrients to help our bodies function, we need to be able to properly digest our food.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Eating too much sugar, too often, has devestating effects on our bodies causing inflammation, cravings and addictions, and added stress on our organs.

Nutrients and Toxicity

We must give our bodies essential vitamins and minerals to allow it to run effectively, much like how we take care of a car. We must also avoid and/or decrease our toxin exposure.

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What is functional nutrition?

Real health can be achieved through an individualized, holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. While some foods can harm, the right foods can heal. Functional nutritional therapy takes a foundational approach by helping guide you to positive changes based on food and lifestyle choices, therefore helping reverse the negative effects of the modern diet and stressors.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine and how do you incorporate it into your practice?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda (from India) medical paradigms have been around for thousands of years and therefore contain much wisdom. As human beings we all have a life force, or energy within us. This is called Qi, or Prana.The flow of energy can be blocked by our environment and life circumstances, which can result in poor health. The goal is to find a balance between the two fundamental and opposing principles that invigorate and nourish life (yin & yang) to allow energy to flow freely again. The use of herbs and plants, as well as lifestyle practices like meditation and gentle exercise is popular in order to bring healing and balance to the body. We are all unique in where we are off balance and what we need, so I look at the whole person when we discuss goals and treatments, taking into consideration your unique life situation. We may discuss incorporating some of these principles into your life.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is a concept that has become popular recently, thanks to the groundbreaking book by Tribole & Resch. Intuitive eating encourages us to slow down and listen to our body before, during and after eating. There are ten principles to intuitive eating according to the book which includes the following: allow yourself to eat pleasurable foods with no guilt, know when to stop when you feel satisfied, cope with your emotions so you don’t always turn to food as therapy, and honor your health with gentle nutrition. After a lifetime of dieting and trying every diet out there, I embrace the concept of intuitive eating as a nutritional philosophy as long as one has been educated on and understands nutritional concepts. I enjoy sharing what I have learned from my years of study and personal experience and want to approach health with my clients without having to “diet,” giving them freedom to choose, and freedom from guilt and shame. If overall health is the focus, then the body will naturally settle on a healthy weight.

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